EU-China Environmental Sustainable Project Instructing Committee Meeting Held in Beijing for Policy Proposal Discussion

On June 8th 2016,Sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, the European Union delegation in China, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, assist held by Foreign Economic Cooperation Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection(FECO),United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), Deutsche GesellschaftfuerInternationaleZusammenarbeit (GIZ), StockholmInternational Water Institute (SIWI), held a policy seminar which is EU-China Environmental Sustainable Project InstructingCommittee, opened in Beijing. Member units of Project guidance committee, water, Solid waste, heavy metal, policy integration, propagandizing mechanism,a total of 4 topics, more than 30 domestic and foreign project management and implementation of the units of nearly a hundred representatives were invited to attend the meeting. The EU delegation environmental counsellor Ms.Vicky Pollard, the International Department of the Ministry of Commerce representatives attended the meeting and give speeches.

On this Project guidance meeting, Ministry of Commerce as the director unit fully affirmed that project operation management mechanism play an important role in results integration and promotion. Require all projects sort out the EU’s advanced management experience and technical results in integrated watershed management, pollution permits and heavy metal contaminated land restoration and other key areas. Support our implementation of "water ten" and "soil ten" policy in our country. At the same time, The two sides should continue to strengthen bilateral cooperation in environmental protection under the new situation, make a positive contribution to the completion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda in 2030.

On project policy discussion meeting , representative of Water Environment Management Department, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Soil Environmental management Department, introduced the Policy outcomes in water, Solid waste, heavy metal. Each project person in charge shared the experience of the preparation of special policy report and ideas followed up. We should strengthen the integration of project results, promote the policy recommendations and demonstration experience. Experts have reported policy recommendations in the following areas of the topics :In the water quality field, suggest highlighted pilot demonstration experience in Liaohe River Basin sewage permit water policy report . Increase the research results of groundwater risk assessment. 2. In solid waste management field, suggests the shipbreaking industry in our country should strengthen communication between departments, highlight the pollution source’s government in shipbreaking industry. The waste fluorescent lamp tube collection need to introduce the producer responsibility extended system gradually. Improve the recovery rate of waste fluorescent lamp. 3. In heavy metal pollution prevention and control field, From the national heavy metal pollution prevention and control planning, emergency, lead battery industry, three different dimensions to sum up experience, proposed to build highly integrated environmental information collection and sharing system and mechanism of heavy metals. Guided by national policy, local conditions, improve the flexibility in management of heavy metal pollution prevention and control.

This meeting made arrangement aboutorganizing the training of the EU's experience in the emission permits and the best feasible technology in next step.Improve the policy report, organized to hold the final projectresults meeting. This meeting effectively promote the process of implementation, definetask in next step,to make sure policy report be finished with high quality about water, solid waste,heavy metalon time.It will provide beneficial reference for the implementation in "13th Five-Year" key areas of environmental protection planning, " waterten" and "soil ten"

Source:Foreign Economic Cooperation Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection(FECO)

Updated: 2016-07-25

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