The opening ceremony of international science and technology cooperation center -----   EU-China Environmental Sustainability Program International Academic communication meeting closed perfectly

On Mar.17th2016, opening ceremony about international Science and technology cooperation base which is EU-China Environmental Sustainable ProjectsAcademic Exchange Conference held successfully by Tianjin Academy of Environmental Sciences (TAES).The Organizations who attend the ceremony is below: Associate Counsel Fan Yingzi from Beijing Municipal Science &Technology Commission, Associate Counsel Liu Jie from Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Director Liu Jianjun from scientific and technological cooperation Office of Beijing Municipal Science &Technology Commission, Dean Tord Svedberg from IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, water division, ecologicaldivision, development division, supervision division of Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, FECO (Foreign Economic Cooperation Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection), Nankai University, Ecole des PontsParisTech ( ENPC),higher learning institutions of Chinese & Foreign, research institutions and enterprises’s representatives nearly 50 persons.

Tianjin Academy of Environmental Sciences (TAES) has many years ofexperiences in international cooperation in the field of water ecological environment protection. They rely on specific research projects to carry out a wealth of exchanges and cooperation with Sweden, America, Norway, Japan, UK, Finland and many countries by means of training, academic seminar and so on. They accumulated some experiences in using international cooperation to promote the development in Environmental Science and Technology. At the end of 2015, “ecological environmental protection and risk controlInternational joint research center” of TAES is recognized by Beijing Municipal Science &Technology Commission as the first batch of international technology cooperation base in Tianjin.EU-China Environmental Sustainability Project”Improvement of water ecological environment and pollution reduction in Tianjin Bin’hai New Area” is one of the important task of Tianjin Academy of Environmental Sciences (TAES) International Science and technology cooperation base.

On the opening ceremony, comrade Fan Yingzi represented Beijing Municipal Science &Technology Commission propose a request: hope TAES’s International Science and technology cooperation basecontinue to play an active leading role in the international exchange, technology transfer, talent introduction and other aspects of the environment, to make  contribution toour city in the international science and technology cooperation.Comrade Liu Jie stressed the importance of the establishment of the international scientific and technological cooperation base, We hope that the Tianjin Academy of Environmental Sciences will make full use of this platform to learn from the experience of foreign environmental management and bring in more and better international advanced environmental protection practical technology and expert talents to contribute to the environmental protection work in our city.

After this ceremony,we continue to hold the EU-China environmental sustainable projects international academic exchange meeting. There are many reports which the titles are“Water ecological environment protection and restoration”, “Emission permits, inspection and enforcement system of Swedish Industrial Enterprises”,“Cooperation focus of Environmental Protection Ministry in 2016 and international intellectual exchange platform in environmental technology”, “Study on urban water environment of France”, “Risk assessment of phosphorus potential loss in agricultural watershed” gave by IVL vice president ÖstenEkengren, IVL’s senior expert Magnus, project manager Li Jia from Foreign Economic Cooperation Office, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Doctor Li Yinghao from Ecole des PontsParisTech, Doctor Zhou Bin from Tianjin Academy of Environmental Sciences. These expertsdid warmly communication and discussion with present scientific and technical personnel

The event was a complete success.

Updated: 2016-07-25

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