Project stage summary meeting was held smoothly

The project team held a summary meeting in Tianjin on Sep.21th 2015. The meeting is chaired by Dr. Liu Honglei, Project leader, the person responsible for the sub topics, financial management personnel and the main participants attended the meeting.

Firstly, Ms Gao Si from IVL Beijing Representative Office introduced the experiences in EU Project acceptance. Dr. Liu Honglei introduced the project's overall tracking monitoring and assessment contrast to project LFA. Secondly, Sub project leader reported the progress, results of their work. At last, director Shao Xiaolong reported the use of the fund.

Through this meeting, each leader of the sub topics summarized the research results carefully according to the application requirements of the subject. And found the gap and shortcomings       so as to better carry out the next step work, strive for the successful completion of the project to lay a good foundation.

Updated: 2016-01-09

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