Team members in UK, France, Sweden for study and communication

Between June 25th and July 4th 2014, project leader Lu Xueqiang with three members came University of LEEDS in UK, ENPC in France, IVL Swedish Environmental Research study and exchange technologies about the surface water management project.

Through this study and communication, Learn and understand the British and French surface water pollution of the environment and the management present situation, the main management technology, etc and for future cooperation and communication between the two sides reached a consensus.Took deep understanding of European Union especially Sweden experiences in progress of surface water environment,research progress in pollution abatement,and the water environment management experience.Meanwhile, done a field study at Henriksdal sewage treatment plant, In view of the problem of nitrogen and phosphorus removal in surface water purification of Binhai New Area.ESP smoothly to complete the project "Tianjin Binhai New Area water environment improvement and pollution reduction" technology research task, achieve their goals. TAES has reached an agreement with IVL on joint development and research at ESP project’s Drainage unicom and water environment management model.

Updated: 2016-01-09

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